6 Sunday Habits to Have a Productive and Successful Week

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Do you ever wake up Monday feeling sluggish and absolutely not prepared for the week ahead?

Do you even know what projects you have to do that week?

I’ve definitely felt like this before, but it doesn’t always have to be like that. If you plan out some Sunday habits to implement, it can be the difference between an extraordinary week full of productivity or a crash and burn week.

Now you’re probably wondering, how should I prepare for the whole week on a Sunday?

The following are easy ideas to recharge and prepare you for a successful week ahead.

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6 Sunday Habits for Success

This article contains affiliate links. That means, if you click through and make a purchase using an affiliate link, I will earn a small compensation at no extra cost to you.

1. Slow Morning

First of all, you don’t have to get up early on Sunday to have a successful day. I mean come on, it’s the weekend. Leave the getting up early to the weekdays.

**However, you also don’t want to sleep the day away. i.e. don’t sleep till noon. It will not only throw your sleep schedule out of wack, but you’ll feel groggy all day.

Instead, don’t set an alarm, gently wake up to the sunrise through your window. Snuggle with your partner, your kids, or your fur babies. Savor those little morning moments.

The weekend is about replenishing your mind, body, and soul.

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2. Meal Prep for the Week

Take the first few hours of the morning to meal prep or at least plan out every meal for the week. By planning out every meal for the week you’ll avoid those unhealthy easy quick stops on your way home from work to pick up fast food or take out or a deep-dish pizza. Yes I know those are good but plan when you’re gonna have those meals is all I’m saying.

Meal prepping can be done in 4 easy steps

  1. Clean out the fridge
    • Throw out everything that has gone bad and then take inventory of what you have.
  2. Plan meals
    • Using what food you already have, plan some meals. Or if you are only missing 1 item for a meal add it to the grocery list.
    • If planning every meal sounds overwhelming, just start with planning dinners.
    • Doing this before going grocery shopping will help cut down the costs and help prevent impulse buying.
  3. Grocery Shop
    • If you have the time now, hit the store and get everything you need for your meals. Make sure you have your list and don’t stray off the list!
  4. Prepare Your Meals
    • If this is your first-time meal prepping, just make one meal ahead of time. Start with just making some overnight oats for breakfast, or prepare one or two salads for lunch. It’s ok to start small.

3. Clean Up

Now you don’t have to deep clean the entire house! No that is not what I’m saying. Just tidy up a bit. Sweep or vacuum your living areas, dust, and do that laundry. Just a little bit of cleaning up can significantly put you in a better mood.

This is also a good time to organize your workspace; put away papers that got stacked on your desk over last week, organize the important papers into the filing cabinet, and put away all the clutter (pens, papers, folders, etc.)

A clean space can give you a clear mind. Everything feels so much better when things are put away in their own space, and you’ll be so much more productive when you aren’t constantly having to stare at a dirty space.

4. Reflect and Evaluate

“In order to become a better you, you must reflect on your past self.”

Every Sunday you should review how your previous week went; did you fail to make enough time for an important task? Did you feel overwhelmed most of the week from all the things you needed to get done? Did you schedule too many things in one day? Or did you smash your goals and achieve so much more than you planned last week?

Either way, keep track of everything, write them down. Then evaluate how you’re going to make it better this week or if what you did last week was a success.

If you’re struggling with this, here are some questions to ask your self about how last week went:

  • What were my goals? Did I achieve them?
  • What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right?
  • Am I happy with how the week went?

5. Plan Your Week

Planning your full week on Sunday can put you ahead of everyone else when it comes to being successful this week. You can do this in just a few short easy steps:

  1. Get a notebook and start brain dumping everything you need or want to get done in the next week (taking into account the previous step)
  2. Next, decide roughly what day of the week you want/need each task completed by
  3. Pull out your calendar and look at all your prescheduled appointments and plug in your to-dos for each day. Be sure not to overload one day, try picking which things are a priority and put a star by it so you know you need to get that done first.
    • *If you use google calendar you can already designate a time of day you want to complete the task or just schedule it as an all-day activity so the task is listed at the top of the day.

Note: Make sure to schedule time for yourself too. You shouldn’t just get to relax on the weekend, try to take at least 30 minutes to an hour out of your day to do something for you.

6. Self-Care and Relax

Spend the last few hours of the day focusing on you. Put the kids to bed early, then relax. Maybe take a bath, watch a movie with your partner, read a book, or do some before bed yoga. Remember what I said earlier, Sunday is about replenishing your mind, body, and soul for the week ahead. This means you have to take care of yourself in order to be successful and ready for the week ahead.

Finally just before you go to bed, write down a few things that you are grateful for. This so simple practice will put a smile on your face and will distract you from the things you may already be stressing about for the week ahead. If the last thought before you go to bed is positive, you’re more likely to wake up with a smile on your face and want to get up and start your day.

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Something to Think About

Obviously, all these don’t have to be done on Sunday. You can spread them out over Saturday and Sunday. For example, if you have a big house and really want to super clean it, do that on Saturday so you don’t have to worry about cramming it all in on Sunday.

I guarantee if you commit to accomplishing just a few of these tasks, you will have a much more focused, productive, and successful week.

A Couple More Sunday Habits for Additional Productivity, Organization, and Self-Care Time

  • Get out in nature
  • Plan out your exercise for the week
  • Plan your outfits for the week
  • Wash your bedding
  • Pack your bag or purse for the week
  • Find some inspirational quotes and put them around your home
  • Call a friend or family member
  • Unplug from social media
  • Journal about life

What do you do on Sunday to have a successful week? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Great post! I’m not a fan of Sundays, but if you spend your Sundays well, your weeks will definitely be better 🙂

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