April 2021 Bullet Journal Set-Up

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We are now the fourth month into 2021 and it’s flying by. April is one of my favorite months, up there with October. It’s a month that signals a change of seasons.

As I’ve gotten more into planning and personal development, I have found that I love when a new season starts. It gives me a chance to restart and reflect on my past goals and plan for the next quarter of the year.

However, before we do that we need to set up our bullet journals for April so we are ready to start planning for this new season of life.

So grab your bujo’s and let’s set up my April 2021 Bullet Journal spreads.

April 2021 Bullet Journal

April 2021 bullet journal

Cover Page

If you saw my January bullet journal set-up, you’ll know that I’ve been trying my hand at watercoloring. While I didn’t do as much in February and March, I decided to bring it back in April with this umbrella cover page. What do you think?

April 2021 Bullet Journal cover page

Monthly Page

Here is my usually two-page monthly spread to track events coming up this month and a space for goals on the side. I always like to pick 3 main goals to aim for by the end of the month. It always gives me something to work on when I get bored.

April 2021 monthly page


Continuing on with the past few months is my affirmations page. I have yet to decide what my affirmations are gonna be yet because I haven’t done my monthly review to see if I want to change it up, but my main affirmation last month was:

There is nothing to fear because I cannot fail. I can only learn, grow, and become better than I ever have before.


I decide how I feel. And today I choose Happiness.

affirmations bullet journal page

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    Gratitude Log

    As always, here is my gratitude log. It’s such a good idea to write down what you are grateful for every day to keep that positive mindset going.

    bujo gratitude log

    Habit Tracker

    I found last month that tracking my habits this way really helped keep me accountable. Last month I used it to keep track of my morning routine habits. I haven’t full decided which habits I want to track this month. I know I really need to work on posting to my social media accounts more often so I figured that would be a good habit to track.

    What habits are you tracking this month?

    bullet journal habit tracker

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      Moving To-Do List

      We are moving at the beginning of May and have so many things to do before then. I made a spread in my bullet journal to keep track of all the things we need to do before we move and even a couple of things we need to do once we move. I hope just one page will be enough room for all the to-dos…

      bullet journal moving to do list

      Which spread was your favorite? Or what are you tracking in your bujo this month? Let me know in the comments!

      I hope you have an amazing first full month of Spring! ?

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