February 2021 Bullet Journal Set-Up: Self-Care Theme

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The first month of 2021 is already almost over so that means it’s time to pull out our bullet journals and plan for February. Like many other people are doing this month, I’m focusing on self-care. So grab your bujo, your favorite supplies, and a cup of coffee. Let’s get planning our February 2021 Bullet Journal spreads!

February 2021 Bullet Journal

This article contains affiliate links. That means, if you click through and make a purchase using an affiliate link, I will earn a small compensation at no extra cost to you.

I decided to go for a more minimal cover page this month and it turned out beautiful. I still used my watercolor paints like I wanted to but in a very minimal way. I drew out the flowers before painting them for an even more simple look.

Reminder, you don’t have to be an artist to create beautiful spreads. I am definitely not. It isn’t too difficult to find some clip art pictures online and attempt to copy them. It’s your bullet journal so don’t judge it, no one else has to see it. This is for your enjoyment!

Cover Page

February 2021 bullet journal cover page

Monthly Spread

Here’s my usual monthly spread. Also much simpler than January’s spreads. I even found a February sticker in The Happy Planner – Winter sticker book and the colors fit perfectly.

Don’t forget to include your monthly goals, too. Check out my previous post about Reflecting on the Past Month to Help You Keep an Eye on Your Goals.

February 2021 bullet journal Monthly layout


Like I said last month, I’ve started to include reciting affirmations in my morning routine.

The first one is the same as last month and comes from Hal Elrod’s book “The Miracle Equation”. You can use this affirmation too and make it personal by putting something you are working on in the blank spot. For example, it could be “run a marathon” or “get straight A’s this semester”.

When I recite this affirmation, I put my current goal in the blank, recently that’s been training for a marathon. I’ll say it right before I go for my run and it gives me so much motivation to keep going. Try it for yourself!

If you want to know more about affirmations, let me know in the comments and subscribe for my newsletter. I would love to help you with your affirmations!

February 2021 bullet journal Affirmations

Gratitude Log

Similar to the line a day page that I did last month is a Gratitude Log. I decided to call it a gratitude log instead as it is February, which is a self-care month, and practicing gratitude every day fits right in with the theme.

February 2021 bullet journal gratitude log

Self-Care Bingo

Alright, I’ve been saying that February is self-care month so here it is; my Self-Care Bingo board. There are 24 self-care ideas and 28 days in February so basically, I’m gonna do something self-care-wise every single day in February.

I encourage you to make a bingo board of your own and fill it with different self-care ideas you enjoy. This is a fun way to make self-care a priority in February.

For some cheap self-care ideas, check out 20 Self-Care Activities that won’t Break the Bank

February 2021 bullet journal self-care bingo

30 Day Water Challenge Tracker

Alright, I have something to admit to you guys. For those that saw my January spreads, you saw that I had committed to a 30-day water challenge for January, well I failed. Quite badly. I just didn’t set up a good enough tracker to keep me engaged. So this month I made this cool tracker and I ask my best friend to join me, so I have an accountability partner.

February 2021 bullet journal | Water challenge

If you want to join in the challenge, enter your email below and I’ll send you this tracker so you can join us on the challenge. Plus I plan to send weekly emails to see how you all are succeeding, that way we all have an accountability partner!


Get Your Free Water Tracker Printable!

Join me this month while we all try harder to drink more water.

We respect your privacy. Unsubscribe at any time.

**Yes I realize that February doesn’t have 30 days. So either start on the 30th of January or go into March or heck I don’t care, start in the middle of February. I didn’t add many decorations to the printable to it can be used in any month that you want.

Also, you don’t have to put this in your bullet journal like I did. Put it on your fridge, or next to your desk. Somewhere you’ll see it. And set timers throughout the day to remind you to drink water.

Let’s take care of our bodies this month by simply drinking more water!

My Supplies

Here’s the supplies I used this month if your interest:

Watercolor paints – This has been the best deal so far that I’ve found on Amazon in terms of affordability. Sometimes starting new hobbies can be expensive but I did some digging for you and found a nice, inexpensive Paint and Brush Set

Illustration Black Pens: These are the best pens I’ve found so far for bullet journaling. They don’t bleed through the paper and they are smooth to write with. They are also fairly inexpensive. This pack comes with 5 size nibs: 0.8 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.3 mm, 0.1 mm, 0.05 mm

Tombow Dual Brush Pens: These are by far my favorite brush pens for bullet journaling. They come in so many beautiful colors and the different palette packs fit every style you could think of. There’s bright, pastel, portrait, landscape, and so many more. I, like so many other bullet journalers, love these brush pens.

Sticker books: I have mentioned The Happy Planner stickers before and they are awesome. They are intended for The Happy Planner but I love using them in my bullet journal to add some extra character. The quotes sticker book is the one I plan to use throughout the month of February because it has a lot of “self-love” type quotes that fit my theme perfectly.

Final Thoughts

2021 is kind of already off to a rocky start so this is just a friendly reminder to make sure you are taking care of yourself.

Seriously, try the self-care bingo board. I’ve done it before and it’s super fun making sure I do something for myself every day.

And join me in the 30-day water challenge. Let’s drink more water together.

Comment below which spreads you’re recreating in your February 2021 bullet journal this month and which spreads you are doing that maybe I didn’t include. I’d love to hear about it!

Have a fantastic last week of January!


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February 2021 bullet journal

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