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level 10 life

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You’re probably asking yourself right now, what exactly is a Level 10 Life? If you’ve been around the personal development side of the internet, you may have heard of it before. Or maybe you’re hearing about it for the first time right now.

Level 10 Life is a very powerful tool when used properly that will help you on your personal growth journey and many people swear by it to help them pick out goals and track their growth over time.

In this article, I’m going to talk about everything you need to know about the Level 10 Life so you can start integrating it into your life.

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What is a Level 10 Life

Level 10 Life is a personal growth strategy that comes from Hal Elrod’s book, The Miracle Morning. The idea behind it is very simple. You pick 10 areas of your life where you want to measure success and then you can pick goals in each area to help bring them up to a level 10.

Hal Elrod came up with the Level 10 Life as a way to help assess where you currently are in each area of your life and then use that assessment to set goals for yourself.

Of course, we all want to live a better and more balanced life, but sometimes it’s hard to really pinpoint where to start. Sometimes we set a goal for ourselves to only find out a few months later that it doesn’t give us the satisfaction we desire or doesn’t really make us happy.

This is where the Level 10 Life assessment comes in to help us out. You will be able to look at each area of your life, assess how it’s going, and then decide which area needs improvement.

(quick note: if you haven’t read his book, you NEED to. It’s amazing! Check it out here.)

I know that the idea of bringing every area of your life up to a level 10 can sound intimidating at first. But remember that no one is perfect and that’s ok.

This idea is simply a way to help keep your life balanced. It’s easy to get caught up in one area of our lives and then neglect the others. It helps remind us that all areas of our life are equally important.

Why a Level 10 Life

As humans, we are always striving to be better in every way we can, but that can be hard to track. That’s why using the Level 10 Life assessment can be so helpful.

We all know the things that drag us down and make us feel like we aren’t living up to our full potential. Going to a job you hate every day, hanging out with friends who are always dragging you down, feeling unhealthy, feeling like you have no purpose in life… All those feelings can really drag you down and stop you from truly going after a life you love.

You probably ‘know’ that you should be living a better life, but can’t quite figure out how to or maybe you even feel powerless to change things.

By working towards a Level 10 Life, you’ll start feeling more in control of your life and it will help you figure out what really matters to you. Not just the goals that you think you should work towards because that’s what others say you should do.

How to Track Your Level 10 Life

The first step to achieving your Level 10 Life is to figure out where you currently are right now. So here’s how to do a quick Level 10 Life assessment:

Step 1: Assess Your Current Life

For most people, there are roughly 10 major areas in life that you may create goals based on. Those are:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Physical Environment
  • Marriage and Family
  • Career/Education
  • Finances
  • Spirituality
  • Personal Development
  • Friendships
  • Fun/plan
  • Giving/Contributions

If these 10 areas also apply to your life, we’ll continue on. But feel free to get rid of one or add some more. This is your life, of course, not mine.

Take some time to really think about each area of your life.

Maybe you eat healthy and work out consistently, but your relationship with your family isn’t very strong. Or maybe you feel financially secure, but your home isn’t decorated or brings you joy.

Decide what level you are at in each area. 

For example:

Maybe you exercise twice a week and have homemade dinners, but you eat out for your lunch break. You might rate yourself at a “Level 6” for Health and Fitness.

Or you make pretty good money at your job but aren’t very good at balancing your finances. In fact, you don’t even have an emergency fund. So maybe you rate yourself at a “Level 2” for Finances.

Note: It can be difficult to give yourself a rating. Just take your time and be honest with yourself. There is no right way to rate yourself. Don’t think about it too hard.

Step 2: Record Your Current Life Levels

There are many ways to track your progress towards your Level 10 Life. Here are a few ideas:

  • Write your level ranking in a notebook
  • Use a notes app like Notion, Trello, or simple the Apple Notes App
  • Write it down on a whiteboard you can hang up and see every day.
  • Make a pretty spread in your bullet journal
  • Or grab my free printable The Level 10 Life Wheel

It doesn’t really matter how you track your progress, but make sure you do so you can watch yourself grow in every area of your life. It also helps with coming up with goals in each area, which we will get to next.

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Step 3: Set Goals to Reach the Next Level

Now that you know which level you are at in each area, it’s time to set up some goals!

Setting goals is so important for your success and journey on your way to a Level 10 Life.

While you are creating your goals and planning how you will reach them, make sure you are setting up time-based goals.

Instead of saying: “I want to work out more”, you should say: “I will go to the gym at least 2 times a week for the next month, and increase it by 1 next month”

When you are more specific about your goals and give them a timeline, you are more likely to achieve them.

Step 4: Reassess Your Level 10 Life

You should check-in and reassess your Level 10 Life regularly. You could do it as frequently as you want but don’t just do it once a year. 

It’s a good idea to check in on your goals and ‘levels’ at least every 12 weeks. This gives you a chance to reassess how your goals are going and if they are still on track for what you want out of life.

If you wait and only do this once a year, you are more likely to fall off the wagon and stop working on your goals altogether. It will also keep you motivated if you have a shorter time in between assessments.

I like to do my Level 10 Life assessment when I do my monthly self-reflection.

When you sit down to do your reassessment, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which areas of my life have I moved up a level?
  • Which areas have I fallen behind in?
  • Are any areas unchanged since my last assessment?

Give yourself a new rating for each area and make sure to reassess your goals for each area as well.

Questions To Ask Yourself in Each Area of Your Life

Alright, so now you’re probably asking “how exactly do I assess my life?”

I’ve compiled some questions you can ask yourself in each area. These questions will help you dig deep into the different areas of your life so you can give yourself a proper assessment.

(not all these questions may apply to you, so adapt them to your lifestyle as needed)

Health and Fitness

Do I work out regularly?

Do I eat food that nourishes my body?

Am I happy with my weight and/or muscle index?

Physical Environment

Do I like where I live?

Is my home well decorated and makes me feel happy?

Do I feel safe in my home?

Do I feel embarrassed to have people over if they show up unexpectedly?

Can I keep up with the cleaning and maintenance of my home?

Marriage and Family

Am I happy in my marriage/relationship?

Do we regularly go on dates and have fun deep conversations?

How often do I call or hang out with my immediate family?

Do I see my extended family more often than just holidays?


Am I passionate about my work?

Do I feel that I have reached my full potential in my career?

At the end of the day, do I feel like I’ve accomplished something?


Do I have an emergency fund that consists of at least 3 months’ expenses?

Is my income each month higher than my outgoing?

Do I have a monthly budget that I stick to?

Do I have enough money to enjoy my free time and be able to do things I want to do?


Do I spend time exploring my personal faith to strengthen it?

Do I pray or meditate frequently?

Am I inspired to be a better person?

Do I go to church regularly or take time to connect with my personal faith?

Personal Development

Do I take time for self care? How often?

Do I read self-help books?

Am I taking time each week to learn something new about myself?


Do I have close friends I can rely on and they can rely on me?

Do I have good relationships with my work colleagues?

Am I willing to help a friend when they are in need?

Do I have a friend I can confide in about my problems?

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Final Thoughts

Once you’ve decided that you want to work towards a Level 10 Life, you’ll start to see a tremendous change in how you act and treat yourself and others. It’s fun to come up with goals in each area of your life and then give yourself points to “level up” when the goal is reached. 

The best way to keep yourself motivated is to track your progress in some way. That’s why I made the Level 10 Life Wheel for you to grab for FREE.

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Let me know in the comments what areas you are gonna start tracking as you work towards your level 10 life.

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2 thoughts on “Level 10 Life | How to Track Your Personal Growth

  1. I have heard of a Level 10 Life, but I have not tried it yet. I will have to give it a go. Thanks so much!

    Thanks for the book suggestion too. I love hearing from the people who come up with this stuff what they were thinking.

  2. I think it is important to take time to reflect on the various areas of your life and decide where you may need more focus. I also think we need to be gentle with ourselves with where we are at and accept ourselves fully.

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