17 Self-Care Ideas for Bad Mental Health Days

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Self-care is so important for stress relief and your mental health, especially now while we are trying to figure out what the h*** is going on in our world today.

Our brains tend to focus on the bad things in our lives if you let it. Sometimes we just need an escape from all things negative and give ourselves a little self-care day.


Here are 17 Easy Self-Care Ideas you can do today:

1. Read your favorite book

Jump into your favorite fictional universe and just dream. Take your mind off of everything.

Or try a new personal development book.

2. Journal

Write whatever is on your mind. Brain dump whatever may be making you feel down.

3. Take a Bath

Add bubbles and/or epsom salts for a relaxing bath after a long day.

This is my favorite soap to put in the bath. Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Foaming Bath has bubbles and Epsom salts in it. What could be better?

4. Go for a Run/Walk

Whoever said a little bit of exercise was a bad idea..?

5. Meditate

Just take a minute and breath sometimes…

6. Do Yoga

There are so many different yoga videos on youtube for calming your body that you’re bound to find one perfect for you.

7. Drink a Glass of Water

A nice big hydrating glass of water can refresh us immediately.

8. Make a Cup of Coffee

Or tea if that’s what you prefer 😉

9. Make a Gratitude List

Sometimes just writing what we are thankful for and what we love most about life can boost our happiness and bring a little smile to our faces.

10. Try a Face Mask

Target is my go to place for a face mask and other self pampering needs.

Or try this super affordable box of 12 face masks from Amazon.

11. Make a Bucket List or Vision Board

Just dream a little and be creative

12. Call and Talk with Your Mom or a Friend

Sometimes we all just need to rant to our moms..

13. Light Your Favorite Candle

Who doesn’t love a delicious different scent in the house sometime.

14. Get Some Sun

We can always use some extra Vitamin D. Also vitamin D is proven to boost your energy levels.

15. Brush Your Hair

There’s something weirdly calming about quietly running a brush through your hair.

16. Dance in the Kitchen to Your Favorite Song

I love doing this when I just need a little pick me up. My favorite song at the moment to dance to is “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift.

17. Watch the Sunset/Sunrise

Nothing is more calming than watching a day slowly begin, hearing the birds start to wake up, and the earth start to light up. Also watching the day come to a close and everything going to sleep is just as calming.

I, fortunately, have the privilege of living near Lake Superior so I get to watch the sunrise and set on the biggest great lake in the US 🙂

I would suggest picking at least one of these self-care ideas to do every day to help you relax.

You can even combine some of these for a nice long hour or 2 of self-care.

Take a bath and add some bubbles. You can light a candle (or two) in the bathroom to get even more smells in the bathroom. Also, bring in a book and maybe even a glass of your favorite wine and just relax.

Oh and to make sure you don’t drop anything in the water try using this Luxury Bathtub Tray

What is your favorite self-care idea(s)? Let me know in the comments!


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