How To Do A Weekly Review | 10 Weekly Reflection Questions

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how to do a monthly review

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Every week goes by so fast, that we often forget to even acknowledge how hard we worked this past week, or how much we accomplished. That’s why I love doing a quick weekly review at the end of every week. It’s a time for me to celebrate what I got done that week and even plan a few things for the next week.

I highly recommend getting into the habit of doing a weekly review.

I can guarantee that it will not only boost your productivity for the week ahead but also gives you a chance to pause, reflect, and celebrate all the progress you made over the past week.

Today I’m gonna walk you through a quick and easy weekly review so you can celebrate your accomplishments and acknowledge any valuable lessons you learned this past week and jump into next week full of excitement.

Now let’s get started.

how to do a weekly review

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What is a Weekly Review?

A weekly review is a practice of looking back on the past week to see how everything went.

Each person will choose to reflect on their week differently. Some will want to record memories, others may want to relive their accomplishments and celebrate, or even take some time to answer some self-reflection questions to learn more about themselves.

The weekly review is a great time to record your performance and goals achieved specifically on your personal growth journey.

Then right after you review the previous week, you can use what you’ve learned to plan the next week.

Just remember, an accurate end of the week reflection means you need to be totally honest with yourself. That is the best way to learn more about yourself, after all.

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Why Do A Weekly Review?

There are many perks to doing a weekly review and taking time to pause and reflect on how the past 7 days went.

My favorite benefit of doing this every week is that it makes every week feel like a new year, full of new possibilities and newfound motivation.

So in other words, you get 52 opportunities to start fresh and put the past week behind you.

It feels so good to give your mind and life a quick reset.

This new habit will also help you stay on track with your goals because it’ll give you the time to check in and see if you are still on track, or if any changes need to be made.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Now let’s dive into how to do a weekly review.

How To Do A Weekly Review?

Now that you know what a weekly review is and why it’s important to do one, let me walk you through the process of actually doing one.

When to do a Weekly Review

First, you need to decide when you want to do your weekly review. Many people, myself included, do theirs at the end of the business day on Friday, as the last thing to do before logging off for the weekend. That way everything you did that week is still fresh in your mind.

Others do their weekly review on Sunday evenings as part of their Sunday routine.

Either way, set aside time to do it and make it a scheduled meeting with yourself on your calendar. That way you are less likely to miss it.

Aim to stay consistent and it’ll be easy to make it a habit every week.

I recommend setting aside an hour for the first review that you do. Over time, it won’t take you as long once you get into your own groove.

Now that you know when you are going to do your weekly review, grab a notebook and a pen, find a quiet place, and let’s get started.

weekly self reflection workbook - weekly review

Step 1: Journal

The first thing I do to start my weekly review is to just start journaling freely, with no prompts for about 10-15 minutes.

Write anything and everything that pops into your head about the past week.

Just brain dump anything that may be lurking in your brain and slowing you down.

Usually, by the end of the week, your mind is full of thoughts and next to-do list items. And you don’t want to go into next week with a full and overwhelmed brain.

Declutter your brain and end the week with a clear head.

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Step 2: Ask Yourself Some Questions

I love using self-reflection questions to gain clarity about how the past week went and make a plan for making next week even better.

Here are 10 Weekly Reflection Questions:

1. What was my biggest accomplishment over the past week?

Taking time to reflect on your accomplishments is a great way to boost your self-confidence. It is also a great way to track your progress towards your goals.

2. What lessons did I learn from things that didn’t go quite right?

Anything that didn’t go as planned is a great opportunity to learn a valuable lesson. 

3. What (quotes, affirmations, etc.) kept me inspired this week?

Maybe print them out and take them to the wall near your desk. Stay inspired into next week.

4. Did I complete any projects or tasks this week? 

Be sure to acknowledge the work you did this week and celebrate.

5. Any pending tasks?

Make sure to note anything that didn’t get completed this week and make a plan to finish them early next week.

6. Did I stick to my plan and stay focused?

Note anything that distracted you this past week and figure out how to avoid those distractions next week.

7. What kind of progress did I make on my big monthly, quarterly, or yearly goals?

Remember that a weekly review is a great time to note your progress and make sure you are still on track.

8. What is the #1 thing I need to accomplish next week?

After you’ve gone through how last week went, decide on your number one priority for next week. Write it down and post it near your workstation so you are reminded of it on Monday morning.

9. What can I do right now to make next week less stressful?

Maybe you need to set some calendar reminders or organize your desktop folders. Write down a few quick things you can do in the last few minutes of the day to get yourself and your space ready for you to come back to Monday morning.

10. What am I most grateful for about this past week?

List at least 5 things that made you grateful or happy this past week.

Really make sure you take some time to answer these questions and reflect on your answers.

Your answers can act as a guide for when you go to plan your next week.

Step 3: Do a 5-10 minute clean up

It’s always a good idea to clean your workspace before leaving it for the weekend and having a happy, decluttered space to come back to Monday morning.

Set a timer for 5-10 minutes and just do a quick reorganization and clean-up of your space.

You can also do this with other areas of your house. It’s always a good feeling to end the week with a clean home and office.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but every little bit helps.

Step 4: Review Your Calendar and Time Block Your Week

Check to make sure you know what appointments you have coming up next week and then go ahead and start time blocking your week.

You’ll save yourself a lot of time next week by planning ahead.

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Final Thoughts

Implementing a weekly review will not only give you a chance to review and reflect on your past week, but it will also give you the motivation to keep moving forward into next week.

Remember, each new week is a new opportunity to start over.

Ready to make weekly self-reflection a habit? Grab the Weekly Reflection Workbook that will help you stay focused on your goals every week of the year. Check it out here.


Are you gonna start implementing a weekly review? Let me know in the comments below.

weekly review questions

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6 thoughts on “How To Do A Weekly Review | 10 Weekly Reflection Questions

  1. This is great! This month I dedicated to become organised and your tips makes so much sense. I’m still searching for the right techniques and it made me realise that this is rather a journey than destination. For now, I do 2 planning sessions, Sunday for reflecting and Monday for planning but I’ll consider maybe to put everything in one place and save some time eventually haha

  2. Thank you for sharing! I will definitely implement these 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for this post. I really needed this.

  4. I love this!

    I do my weekly review on Sunday, and I start by drawing my new weekly spread in my bullet journal.

    I love the questions you are asking. I think it really helps to focus your mind on something specific. So, these questions are perfect.


  5. Love this idea. I usually do a monthly review, but it takes a much time. Doing a weekly review seems more logical and time-saving to me. I’ll have to try it!

  6. Love these questions, such great thought-starters! Thank you so much for sharing. I plan my week every Sunday, it does make such a difference!

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